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Why You Need to Stage Your Home in the Colorado Springs Market…

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You Will Make More Money = Tax Free Cash in Your Pocket

According to recurring National Statistics reports, staged homes spent 90% less time on the market and sell on average for 7% more money than non-staged homes. Even in a “HOT” market, occupied home consults and luxurious staging are crucial to help motivate sellers to present their homes in ways that generate quality photos/marketing to convey that “Fear of Missing Out” appeal which leads to faster, higher offers (without buyer regret).

Take advantage of the seller’s market by increasing interest/# of buyers sending competing offers…stage to increase traffic to your doorstep and start that bidding war!

Your Home Will Sell Faster = Less Headaches and Hassle

The Colorado Springs days on market is inching higher in 2024! That may result in an extra monthly payment or two while waiting to close. The majority of homes staged by Front Range Stage average less than 15 days on the market. Because we stage homes in the $M+ luxury category, our overall average reflects that. Don’t be inconvenienced longer than necessary with a home that sits…stage it into a home that sells!

The Cost of Staging Doesn’t Cost A Dime…

Did You Know…

Only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home without furnishings.

The National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Staging reports that over 97% of Buyer’s Agents say home staging has an effect on how buyers view homes. Over 77% of buyers themselves find it easier to visualize the property as their “future home” when  staged.

Over 95% of buyers are previewing homes on the Internet.  Professional photos taken after staging leads to more interest, more requests for showings, and higher levels of confidence that the home is “move-in-ready”!

Studies show that the longer your home stays on the market, the lower your selling price will be. Home prices can decline 1% every month the home is on the market. The cost of staging is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction. 

About the Home Staging Process…

For homes that are  furnished, a staging consult will help focus your time on what needs immediate attention. This is a great service for “do-it-yourself” home owners who have the time and energy to follow an Action Plan. If you want to schedule a staging service, we will implement the agreed upon Action Plan and transform your home right before your eyes using many of the items you already have!

For vacant homes, the initial consult is a separate fee that includes a complete walkthrough of the home with recommended changes, taking measurements, developing the staging plan, and getting all estimates for the cost of staging as well as rental items required. You’ll know the total cost of staging to include monthly fees before you sign a contract with Front Range Stage. The additional hands-on staging fee includes furniture placement, staging of all accessories, art, custom floral or plant arrangements, and de-staging once the home sells. New and fresh home furnishings are specifically selected for your style of home to enhance noteworthy rooms and highlight architectural features.

Colorado Springs Home Staging FAQ’s…

I’ve moved before and have never staged my home. Why now?

95% of home buyers view homes on the internet BEFORE scheduling visits so photos are more important than ever.  Use multiple photos of the highest quality and that represent staged rooms in the best light.

When my Realtor walked through my home, didn’t he/she stage the home?

Although Realtors do have a lot of experience and wonderful suggestions, they don’t specialize in hands-on staging techniques or have a vast selection of designer accessories to style a home. An independent analysis from an impartial staging consultant presents no conflict of interest because the stager wants to expedite the sale of the home at the best price regardless of who lists the home.

Do Real Estate Stagers earn a commission?

No, real estate stagers work based on estimated hours required to stage. Because time is money, stagers will suggest all the de-cluttering, packing, cleaning, and maintenance repairs be completed prior to hands-on staging.

Does staging mean re-decorate my home?

Stagers try to work with items already in the home but will suggest that worn, outdated, or highly personalized items be removed or updated. If sellers still live in the home, certain accessories such as bed linens, towels, rugs, etc. cannot be rented. In those cases, we will either give demonstrations of what can be purchased or offer to shop (at a discount) for items the seller can use to both stage the current home and enjoy in their new home. A new comforter set can be just the enticement kids need to make their beds and clean their rooms on a daily basis while the home is on the market.

What’s all the buzz about upgrading features of a home?

Over half of recent home sellers reported they undertook home improvement or remodeling projects within three months prior to listing their home. This is your competition! If your home needs simple upgrades, Front Range Stage can perform all the project management you need! According to the National Association of Realtors, the average staging investment is between 1 and 3 percent of the home’s asking price, which generates a return of 8 to 10 percent. The old saying “you need to spend money to make money” is also true when preparing your home for sale.

So…let’s get started and stage your home for top dollar!
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