National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Staging 2015 Report

Here are some highlights from the latest Home Staging Report. 49,104 Realtors were surveyed and 2,373 responded.
-96% of Buyers Agents report most or some prospective buyers are affected by home staging.
-81% of buyers can visualize property when it’s staged. Most other surveys report this as 90% or higher.
-62% of Sellers Agents are paying for home staging.
-46% of Buyers Agents report buyers are more willing to walk through a home, 45% believe it will positively impact values, 28% report buyers will overlook property faults.
-Important rooms to stage in order are Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, and Dining Room.
-Staging leads to 1-5% increase in value of home as reported by 32% of buyer agents and 37% of sellers agents. 6-10% increase in value as reported by 16% of buyer agents and 22% of sellers agents.

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