Front Range Stage Home Staging Marketing Materials for Realtor Use During Listing Appointments

Colorado Springs Realtors have really embraced electronic marketing even when meeting clients in person. With just a small IPAD or similar, they are able to click links to show their tier pricing and marketing strategies to substantiate the level of commission they are earning. Real Estate Staging is typically part of that gold or platinum package for those Realtors serious about using certified staging professionals as part of their marketing to ensure a higher sales price and return for sellers paying a premium. Here are a few of the links that Front Range Stage Home Staging provides as part of our Realtor Partner service. They can be accessed at any time and forwarded to out-of-town sellers as well. Here is your one-stop resource.  Enjoy!

Vacant Staging Investment Guide

Before and After Staging Presentation

Videos – Full Furniture Staging:
Living Room and Office
Dining and Kitchen
Bedroom and Bathroom

Video – Vignette Furniture Staging
Video – VRBO Design Before and After
More Videos of Our Work

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