Front Range Stage Colorado Springs – World Series Level of Staging

The World Series always reminds me that we, too, are in the home stretch of our business wrap up for the year and are definitely World Series level professional stagers!  We are active members of the Real Estate Staging Association making great strides to further “professionalize” our industry by eliminating staging practices and stager behaviors that negatively impact our Realtor Partners. While Realtors are bound by a code of ethics, not all stagers belong to a trade association with a code of ethics and many did not graduate from a certification training program that has this curriculum. As just one example, those of us bound by the RESA code of ethics must ensure: Before photos of an occupied or vacant property staging are never publicly shared in any format until after the sale is closed!

Front Range Stage utilizes a team approach with standardized training and operating principles so no matter the time of year, we have the talent and inventory to consistently offer Premier levels of staging as we have for 13 years! We won’t offer you a $250 vacant home staging package because frankly, that isn’t a big enough investment to pay a talented stager to deliver house appropriate furnishings that would result in multiple offers. We are seasoned experts who operate with honestly and integrity and will advise sellers to spend that money on paint or other small upgrades to the home instead of staging. We are most interested in custom designing to the home making significant impacts that elevate the home’s status on the market to draw higher priced offers!

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